My Imagination

My name is Jennie and I like aquariums. Remember that time you asked me if I was paying attention and I said "No"? Here's what I was thinking about.

Aug 29

A fun College Humor video where I play a wife and mother.

Aug 20

Jennie Pierson's Reel from Jennie Pierson on Vimeo.

I got a new reel! Made by the very talented Jacob Reed. Is this a weird thing to post on here?

Aug 2

Jul 16

If I could tag Jackie Johnson on here like it were Facebook, I would.


Azealia Banks - Fierce 

“She said ‘Miss Thing, you think you’re fierce?’

I said ‘Of COURSE’

She said ‘All Queens think they’re fierce”

I said ‘Miss Thing, all Queens and ME!’”

Jun 20

Jun 14

More spins, slams and jams from KFOD!


KFOD News: NBA Finals

The KFOD Local News Team hits the streets to learn more about the hot hoops hysteria.

Jun 12

The gentlemen at Magic Hugs let me eat their used food.

Jun 5

Taxi crabs


KFOD Local News: Gas Prices

The KFOD News Team investigates the tomfoolery behind rising gas prices.

May 31

This was so much fun to do. Everyone involved is a wonderful and funny weirdo. And there are no Game of Throne spoilers!


KFOD News is on the air!


Gamier than a King of Thrones


KFOD Local News: Game of Thrones

What exactly is this “Game of Thrones” everyone is talking about?

May 25

Girrrrl make that money. Sell those spideys.


Don’t know if yall knew but I went to eyelash extension school to up my Business lady game and I’m offish OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Here is my kickass logo done by Craig Bradley and my latest before-and-after I did on my pal Kathryn. I go for the natural glam look. 

If you want your lashes did, hit up for info!


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